Tiny House DAO

Tiny House DAO promotes independent projects, partnerships, and knowledge sharing to facilitate housing affordability, vacation networking, and long term home ownership.

Build the future

We're a group of builders constructing the future

While others people are the "idea guy" we're actually building the ideas. Our goal is to build decentralized cities everyone can afford.

Share your project on the Discord or join in on existing projects. Hop in on the discussion and ask questions.


Our discord is a place to learn how to build tiny homes and other structures. Ask experts with real building experience. We're dedicated to being the best place to learn and build the homes of the future.

Active projects you can Stay At!

Cozy Scenic Tiny House Wildernest: Cove Fort

Thunderbird Road Mini House

Sullivan/St Louis: TINY Getaway!

1969 Vintage Airstream Getaway